The latest trends in 2019 for the pre-wedding shoot and video

pre-wedding shoot

The year 2019 is maturing and about to bid goodbye but it can still bag a lot of memories as the wedding season is up. Some of the latest trends of 2019 can bring you appreciation and envy too if you will adopt these trends in your pre-wedding shoot and video, upcoming festivals or wedding ceremonies. Talking about the latest trends of 2019 Pre-wedding video shoot or pre-wedding photoshoot, here we have listed a few ideas which are a blend of innovation, uniqueness, and wonder:

Underwater shoot/Beach shoot: Though theme shoot on a beach is popular for quite some time, the underwater pre-wedding shoot is truly a unique idea up till now as only a few couples try the adventure. The couples can visit lakeside or seaside domestic or international locations for shooting on the beachside/lakeside or underwater. The couples can also check a pool in a luxurious hotel which can serve the purpose. One can also opt for underwater shooting destination which facilitates pools/other water bodies especially enhanced with props for pre-wedding shoot or selfies or other types of permissible photography. Ponggok Umbul, Indonesia is one such example. It may sound crazy but the experience and the memories are worthy. Couples love to have a feel of mermaids and mermen completing their love story underwater.

Night shoot: It is another different way to shine like stars beneath the night sky. A proficient photographer can add wonders to your photographs in the moonlight with his technically superior cameras. The couples can also choose to shoot an extraordinary planned night date. The use of fireworks or sky lanterns can add novelty to your Pre-wedding video shoot.

Gulliver returns: Do you remember Gulliver stories that you have heard from your childhood? This is the time to experience his shoes. Miniature shoot enables the couple to turn to miniatures in front of a big prop or do it the other way around. In both cases, the final pre-wedding shoot results are commendable. Do not worry, the couples do not turn to miniatures in real, it is the magic of cameras which calls for the trial of this type of theme.

Animal lovers: Only animal lovers know how important are their pets for them. Couples of the sort can shoot their pre-wedding video with their lovable pet. If someone wants to try the Pre-wedding video shoot with animals other than their pet then a horse, camels, and elephants can be hired for shooting time at a few shooting destinations. Your photographer can help you shortlist one such destination depending upon your choice.

Festivals theme: In 2019, the festival theme is observed as one of the latest trends for a Pre-wedding video shoot. As per the trend people shoot in an environment created to relive a particular festival like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, etc. Smoke bombs, earthen lamps and lanterns, and other creative props are used to set-up the background according to the theme chosen.

Evergreen: Bollywood theme and royal theme for the pre-wedding photoshoot are popular at all times as these are the fantasies that every couple wants to live at some point in life. Numerous locations, dresses, and other required peripherals are available to magnificently shoot a pre-wedding video according to the Bollywood theme or the royal theme. The couple can choose as per their mutual preference in coordination with their hired pre-wedding studio.

Before pursuing any of the above-mentioned latest trends of 2019 Pre-wedding video shoot or pre-wedding photoshoot, analyze all the aspects carefully. Accordingly, plan the shooting location, dresses, shooting dates, budget, etc. If you will hire an established and skilful photographer, then your task will be half achieved as they plan the whole pre-wedding shoot for you astutely.

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