Wedding Tips: Important Steps to Plan Your Wedding Day

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The organization of a wedding cannot be improvised! So as not to forget anything and make sure that the big day goes by without a hitch, the most important thing is to anticipate. Budget choice of providers, back plan, special offers discover the top 10 tips for the best day of your life!

You may have been waiting for this marriage proposal for years. Or did it completely take you by surprise! But now that you have an engagement ring on your finger, it’s time to think about it. Even if some manage to organize a wedding in a few weeks, it is generally considered that the preparation of a wedding takes in 12 and 18 months. No more time to lose, you have to get started.

  1. Step 1: the budget

You have to be very pragmatic from the start. This will notably avoid a big disappointment if the place of reception or the providers of your dreams applies prices that exceed your envelope. Think clearly about your budget because it is a determining factor. Make a point with your future spouse but also with your respective parents if they decided to give you a little help. Once you have determined your budget, and before you start looking for a place, ask yourself the question of the season in which you want to celebrate your wedding. Spring, summer, fall, winter, it makes a huge difference when it comes to budget.

  1. Step 2: back-planning

Establishing a detailed back-planning will allow you to have a very clear view of all the stages that await you. Write down month by month the appointments, deadlines, important dates so as not to forget anything and do not hesitate to print it and tape it on your fridge!

  1. Step 3: the number of guests

Small group wedding or gigantic party with 300 guests, your heart rocks! Ponder the question clearly with your future spouse and make lists, lists and more lists until you reach the perfect number. However, always leave yourself a small margin. You are indeed not immune to a cousin who arrives with his new girlfriend at the last moment!

  1. Step 4: the place of wedding venue

Unless you have decided to get married in the family home, the choice of the location of your wedding reception is the first big decision to make. Some sites are reserved up to two years in advance so inquire as soon as possible. It is very often the availability of wedding venues in Delhi that will determine the date of your wedding, and not vice versa! Farmhouse, unusual place, there are a thousand and one options to house the unforgettable celebration of your big day. But do not let yourself be seduced only by the good decor, it is indeed necessary to ask a few crucial questions to the owner of the premises: what is the price displayed, how much can the room accommodate guests, what is the exact duration of the rental, the room requires certain providers, furniture and dishes are included in the price.

  1. Step 5: Choosing the dress!

Some designers of wedding dresses are in high demand, so it’s never too early to think about it. Start scouring the internet, Pinterest and various trade magazines in search of the dress of your dreams. Plan several days of fittings in boutiques and seamstresses to get an idea. Remember that contact is also very important with the person who will make your dress. It is necessary that the current passes and that you have in front of you (a fortiori for a dress to measure) a person with the listening. And remember that a beautiful site or a beautiful book is not enough! You have to touch the fabrics, observe the finishes, be attentive to the smallest detail.

  1. Step 6: Contact the town hall and the religious authority

If you intend to get married on June 21 or July 12, remember that these are very popular dates. It is therefore important to make sure with the town hall, but also with the religious authority which will unite you, that these dates are available. Regarding religious marriage, preparation is done in several stages and is generally spread over several months. It is therefore important to start early enough.

  1. Step 7: The choice of providers

Again, keep in mind that the best wedding photographers, the most talented DJs and the most original florists are often in demand. Some even reserve 18 months in advance! If you fell in love with a service provider, contact them immediately and quickly organize a skype or a meeting. It is essential that the current flows between you and that you feel confident. On the day of the meeting, prepare a series of questions and discuss clearly with him your wishes and expectations.

  1. Step 8: Announcements

The date and place of the reception are now clearly set? So it’s high time to think about making the invitations! If you are getting married in the middle of summer, and therefore during the school holidays, send the invitations at least 6 months in advance. To make sure everyone has the date in mind, you can also send a “save-the-date” up to a year before the wedding. Paper version or email version, this will allow everyone to block the date and you will be able to quickly count the present and absent.

  1. Step 9: Make-up and hairstyle

A successful marriage is the conjunction of very many factors but also goes a long way through the quality of the providers with whom you will be able to surround yourself. Perhaps you have decided to do your hair and make-up on your own; in this case, it is still important to do a few tests before D-Day to make sure that you can achieve this magnificent spotted bun without a nervous breakdown on Pinterest. If you wish to call on an external service provider, you will need to organize several meetings and carry out tests (several are generally included in the price of the service).

  1. Step 10: We relax!

The last weeks before a wedding are a real long-distance race. Take the time to give yourself a breath for two by going on a weekend or simply going to spend a day in the green. Take strength and relax, the best day of your life is approaching!

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