The Pros and Cons of Drone Photography in Indian Weddings

Drone photography in Weddings is rising in popularity, which is no surprise if you’ve seen the breath-taking shots these flying machines can capture.

Drone Photography refers to the collection of still photographs and video by a remotely piloted, known as an unmanned aerial vehicle or a drone. In other words, drone photography involves taking photographs using a remote-controlled flying camera, flying high off the ground.

Drone used to be quite an expensive affair. They still add a few extra bucks to your wedding budget, but now very reasonable. Brands like DJI and GoPro have made it feasible to record cinema-like aerial images for Indian weddings. Drones are becoming increasingly popular as a service for aerial photography and videography due to their simplicity and accessibility.

But is it worth spending a few rupees extra on drones for wedding and pre-wedding photography? We’ve enumerated the pros and cons to help you figure it out.

Pros of Wedding Photography with Drones

Drones have become ubiquitous in Indian weddings. You can see these tiny buzzing robots flying above the guests in almost every cocktail night or reception. Let’s look at the advantages of aerial vehicle cameras in wedding events to know why:

1. You have taken much pain to decide on a magnificent wedding venue with bright and glittering decorations for your wedding. Drones will let you capture a complete 360-degree view of the premise.

2. Imagine the breath-taking top view of the marvellous scenic beauty and the heritage wonders of a wedding destination taken with flying cameras.

3. Getting an aerial view from a high vantage point offers a broader landscape view of the people and objects in the frame. Drones take vibrant images with a panoramic view.

4. Drones make shooting a crowd simpler. For a professional photographer, capturing every moment from the ground is challenging with all the guests in a wedding. A camera drone helps in capturing ceremonial moments without creating any disruption to guests.

5. Candid drone photography is also an emerging trend in the wedding season of 2021. With drones, candid photos come out much more lifelike. It also makes the couple comfortable, which they might not feel while surrounded by cameramen. The best wedding photographers in Indore are experts in camouflage, but drones add even more flair to the art of candid photography.

6. Attractions such as mountains, beaches, imported vehicles, lakes, and green fields look stunning with a drone in pre-wedding photoshoots.

7. When guests focus their attention on an exquisite flying drone, it becomes the focus of attraction. They are even more pleased by its unique function of capturing photographs from the sky.

8. Finding the perfect angle for a group picture can be challenging at times. Drones are the ideal solution since they capture spectacular overhead group photos while flying at a lower altitude.

Cons of Camera Drones in Wedding Events

There are certain limitations of using drones to capture your Indian wedding. However, the top wedding video production companies have solutions for each of these problems. Let’s look at the cons of drone photography and its workarounds.

1. Drones add cost to your wedding videography and photography budget. It could cost you around 10-15 thousand extra per function to book a drone photographer and videographer for your wedding. Although, the result will make it worth it. Consult the top professional drone photographers to

2. A wedding venue with a roof can be unfriendly for drones. Drones perform well in outdoor wedding locations. Although many drone pilots have expertise flying drones indoors and obtaining high-quality results.

3. Monsoon weddings can become an impossible job for drones. If you are planning a wedding in the rainy season, you should check with the meteorological department to see if the weather will allow the drone to fly.

4. Winds can cause the drone to fall out of the sky, leaving you with no photos. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask that your photographer bring a backup camera with wide-angle lenses. It cannot take breath-taking aerial shots but will compensate for group photos from drones.

5. Drones are mini helicopters for a reason. They make quite some noise while they are in flight. But, drones are less likely to be heard during Indian weddings since they are typically boisterous. Also, you can ask the drone operator to ground the drone for vows, speeches, and other crucial bits.

Hopefully, now you can evaluate if having drone photography at your wedding will be the right choice for you or not. Now that you’ve decided, the next logical step is to hire a seasoned drone photographer to capture the pre-wedding shoot and wedding event.

Best Camera Drone for Wedding Events

Your wedding photography and video team will know which drone is the best for the job. Most wedding film production houses and photographers prefer DJI brand drones. For instance, DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a top-notch, medium weight (less than 1 kg) choice for nuptial events. It has a gimbal and camera mounted at the front and bottom of the structure. For grassy wedding venues, it has decent ground clearance to secure the bottom camera.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro is also simple to use. The GPS-controlled movement keeps the drone in place and prevents it from being blown out of position by the wind. Also, Mavic 2 Pro has features like collision avoidance, which utilises omnidirectional object detection to assist you to avoid colliding.

To Have or Not to Have a Drone? It Depends!

You deserve the best photographs and videos of your wedding. After all, it’s one of the special days of your life. That’s why you meticulously plan everything. Your wedding theme, destination choice, video and photo demands, everything should match with each other. The best idea is to let your wedding planner, wedding photographer and the wedding video production company meet and decide mutually how the event will go.

Your choice for the wedding venue, date (season), and whether to have a drone or not – every decision influences another.

Final Words

Conventional wedding photography is evergreen. But you also cannot miss the awe-inspiring aerial photographs taken by high-end drones mounted with cameras and gimbals. The article has covered the benefits and challenges of drone photography in Indian weddings and provided possible resolutions for the same. We hope that it helps you to make a more informed decision.

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