Misconceptions about the wedding photography industry

For couples, a wedding day is one of the most important days of life. Obviously, couples want everything to be captured for the special day. You need a professional photographer to complete the task perfectly for you. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception about wedding photography and more specifically about wedding photographers.

Myths and Misconceptions

Below are the most common misconceptions about wedding photography and we will discuss how to avoid them on a special day.

  • All the Wedding photographers do the job of taking photographs only

Agreed, the job of a wedding photographer is to take photographs but this is not the only job every wedding photographer does.

Wedding photographers have to all the technical knowledge to make sure the photographs come well in any circumstances, they can do all the necessary light settings, they have ideas about the poses and most important they have a creative mind.

In addition, wedding photographers can able to handle all kinds of situations during events and can overcome all hustles. In reality, a good wedding photographer can be a mix bag of many things.

  • Behind the Scene work

You might meet the wedding photographer at the time of hiring only. On the wedding day, he is engage in his work of taking photographs. However, this is just a small part of wedding photography. Real work started in the studio when it comes to editing of photographs.

Hundreds of photographs were clicked and photographs will go through all and remove all not-so-good shots from the collection. Photographers spend at least 14 hours editing the photos taken on your wedding day.

  • Wedding photographers work part time

Professional wedding photographers work full time and are dedicated to their work in wedding photography. Spend hours and days on the wedding location, shooting on weekends and weekdays. When they are not at the wedding shooting, they are doing the job of photograph editing, which is the most time-consuming part of every wedding photography. During their free time, they are emailing clients, looking for new work and most importantly, keeping the gears ready and serviced for the next photo shoot.

  • Photographers charge too much money for service, it’s not worth it

If you really want to hire a professional and good photographer then it’s not come free of charge. Managing the wedding event is not a single person’s work, every professional wedding photographer has a team to manage the multiple tasks on the location. He needs to pay them, He has already invested in the latest technology gear, and equipment to give the best result and most important he gives his time for the event. All these things need to be considered while charging for the wedding photography event.

  • My brother has a new camera and photography is his hobby, he can do the job

Many people think like that when it comes to the budget for photography. Capturing the photos at a wedding is easy but making them candid, storytelling and making light balancing is the toughest part. Second, as we discussed above, taking photographs is an easier task editing them is the toughest part. Do you think a person whose hobby is photography can do the job of editing? Everyone must think about it before asking relatives to capture the wedding photographs instead of a professional photographer.

  • Great Photos is the result of quality equipment

Photography is a creative art and to make it more beautiful, every photographer needs the latest updated and quality equipment. Nowadays, technology changes at a decent pace and every 6 moth new updated lenses come into the market. Every professional photographer needs to invest in it to give the best possible result to the client. He has to make an investment in lacs for the gears only. After all cost is directly related to the quantity.

Everyone must think about it and try to clear the misconceptions about wedding photography and wedding photographer. They are professional and do their job sincerely for you.

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