7 Inspirational Decor Ideas for Opulent Haldi Ceremony

Haldi ceremony marks as the beginning of the Indian wedding festivities. A small ceremony with family and close friends where turmeric paste with sandalwood powder and rose water is applied on the bride and grooms face, hands and feet, so why spend a bomb on decorating Haldi area for your Haldi function?

These 7 best Haldi function decoration ideas, suggested by top Indian destination wedding planner, 7X Weddings are sure to give you a ceremony where you will be seeing art everywhere around you and will set the tone of the pre-wedding function decoration is just fantastic.

I. Bohemian Décor
Nobody can dislike the vintage charm the Bohemian décor has. Can you imagine the beauty of dream catcher hangings with beautifully ornated photos and some classy wood decor that gives the whole venue a vibe of freshness and love around it? Explore a lighter tone in your colour palette and create an unconventional affair that truly lets yours and your guests’ mood set in.

II. Kitschy and Colourful
Use colourful old dupattas, sarees, drapes, stoles or scarves to make your Haldi full of life and bright. All you need to do is match the right colours and accessorise it with mirrors, bells, bangles, decorative umbrellas or tassels. The lively setup is perfect for your Haldi and while you are on it, don’t forget to add hues of gold to this setup to give a kick-start to your wedding functions.
Kitchshy and Colourful

III. Merriment with Marigolds
From bridal bouquets to floral drapes to centrepieces, do not underestimate the marigold flowers’ effortless and gentle power. The gold accents of marigold add grace and elegance to the event and will add a timeless appeal to your décor at manifolds.  Bring ethnicity in your celebration with marigold suspended in geometric patterns.
Merriment and Marigold

IV. Floral Blossoms
You can get creative with real flowers and make your arena beguiling. A space busting with colourful flowers is sure to give an ecstatic mood to all the guests present. Complement the flowers with green leaves and throw some bright cushions and see how the ambience and the vibe are elevated at your gorgeous Haldi.
Floral Blossom
V. Blushing White
Décor in white looks larger than life and the event lends itself to timeless elegance. Use interactive and oversized décor points like flowers, tables, cake, huge frames, signages to make the decoration look beautiful and romantic. The charm of the décor will be elemental to be photographed and get the shenanigans rolling. Let all the guests blush by seeing the white décor and let the event be unforgettable.
Blushing White
VI. Vintage Power
Vintage décor theme for your Haldi is classic, timeless and elegant and the one that will never go out of style. From retro-inspired gowns and outfits to decorating the Haldi space with antiques will help the guests to capture the glamour of the ‘20s, rock ‘n roll energy of the ‘50s and free-spirited vibe of the ‘70s. What’s old is new again!
VII. Bold and Classic
The bold and classic décor can paint your venue with the happiest shades you can find in your colour palette. In a quintessential Indian aesthetic, you can add an authentic touch of handicrafts, puppets, decorative umbrellas, colourful parrots and elevate the mood of the guests present for Haldi celebration.
Bold and Classic

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