Presenting 17 Plain-sailing Pre-wedding shoot locations and ideas!!!

pre wedding photo shoot

Weddings are lovely affairs. Such occasions not only spread the love all around but bring two or more equally loving families together for life making it one happy family. Weddings are the time when you can see a plethora of emotions in one frame.

There are two phases of wedding preparations. One being all those preparing the grounds for all the arrangements and want to ‘hit the nail on their head’ with all of those. You’ll be seeing one running after the caterers, one after the decoration people, the other one hopping one venue to other just to find the best one for the wedding. Then there are those aunties who are best for bargaining, using their skills to crack a deal with Mehendi walas and beautician aunties for the wedding functions. And, the most tiring yet fun loving part of weddings – SHOPPING. Everyone is on their toes irrespective be it scorching summers or chilled winters or that thunderstorm to finish the shopping on time.

The other phase, which is actually more or rather equally beautiful phase of the wedding – THE PRE-WEDDING SHOOTS. Let’s not deny every other to-be-wed couple has a thing for pre-wedding shoots. In the midst of all those shopping, selecting venues, bargaining the couples often search frantically for the best studio for their shoot.

Let’s stop the search at PhotoRachna. A studio in Gurgaon which have some alluring DIY themes for your pre-wedding shoots and have some beautiful places around Delhi that gives free access to have the most romantic photo shoot for much in love couples.

Here, we give some 17 easy ideas for your pre-wedding shoots by PhotoRachna that’ll add a cherry on top of your love story. Let us mention very important thing this is just a small part of what PhotoRachna can do for your shoot. The list is basically endless.

  1. Santori Grand theme

This theme is for sure a dream come true for all the love birds. A background that looks so pristine and picturesque that it automatically makes anyone fall in love. This theme is best for those who are hardcore Bollywood fan.


  1. DIY Lightroom with some lights

Imagine your love of life sitting next to a piano and you enter the room with some dim lights beautifully coloring the surroundings and then you slouch towards him making the perfect lovey-dovey moment. Sounds amazing No?


  1. Fashion Graffiti

If you’ve watched Ready movie’s ‘dinka Chika dhinka chika’ song, you know what is fashion graffiti shoot all about. Having a yellow Vespa with you both on it and a wall with all the colors in the world making it a perfect fashion statement. Man!! Now that is new-age love!!

prewedding shoot

  1. Royal Garden: Swings in between the floors

Imagine you in a floral pink lace gown with a beautiful trail and your man in his best-suited tuxedo, walking hand in hand with some exquisite flowers both side a fountain in the middle and a swing decorated with flowers just in front of you. The aroma in itself makes spell-bound moments.

pre-wedding shoot

  1. College Library

College Libraries are known to be the best place for some great romantic stories. Re-live yours with the same set-up same aroma and with the same love but for this time it is sealed for the lifetime.

pre wedding

  1. Village Setup: Huts, Well etc.

Are you guys the one who loves ‘mitti ki khusbhu’? This theme is apt for you both. Having a village setup with those bamboo huts and a well giving a total ‘pind’ feeling. And, you both donning a typical Patiala suit and a pathana kurta pajama having a romantic scene on a ‘chajjha’. So mesmerizing!!!

pre wedding shoot

  1. Elizabeth Palace

To all those Men who promises to treat their ladylove like a Queen for life, this is the best place to make her feel the same. Having a palace as the background and attires making one look actual King and Queen is what makes it look PERFECT!!

prewedding delhi

  1. Candle Light and Bonefire

You wearing a red gown and your man teaming it with a black suit, sitting under a gazebo with two glasses of red wine and a bonfire in front. You both clinching the glasses of wine and sitting on a stool in front of the bonfire, with your Man wrapping you in his arms under his coat… a moment no loving couple expects to end.

pre-wedding delhi

  1. Rajasthan Haveli

Rajasthanis are known for their Royal lifestyle. And, if you get a chance to taste a few their Royal looks and aroma, what can be better to make a ROYAL LOVE STORY. Sounds too royal no?

pre wedding delhi

  1. Swiss Feild

‘Switzerland’ the dream location for every so in love couples. Just by seeing the picturesque beauty of the Swiss fields blooms the love. So, why not bring the idea of it for your photoshoot? Good idea no?

prewedding shoot delhi

  1. Love Equation Set

“He stole my heart, I stole his surname” Holding such cute and naughty Q-cards while re-creating your first-kiss moments gives the exact love equation the couple shares. This theme let both of you just be you with all those naughty and cute props and moments being captured.

pre-wedding shoot delhi

  1. London Streets

Ever thought of walking down a London street, hand in hand with your love. Well, then its time to get the thoughts real with this classy theme of London Streets creating a moment for the loved ones.

pre wedding shoot delhi

  1. Greenery

If your first love is Nature, then why not to capture it for a lifetime. Imagine you both sitting in a Garden with some balloons in hand, and lots of trees and plants surrounded around you. Now, that what can be called ‘Best of Both Worlds’.

prewedding photo

  1. Magic Garden

The Gardens that create a Magic of Love, is the best DIY location to have your pre-wedding photoshoots. Create your magic of love now with such magical backgrounds.

pre-wedding photo

  1. Floral Shops

Do you know the best way to woo a girl is by giving her some beautiful flowers? So, as you two had started your love story the same way, then its time to recreate those moments with the floral shop theme with a Bollywood tadka.

pre wedding photo

  1. Circle of Love

If you are a fan of romantic movies, you often see how the hero creates a circle with fire/light and bend on his knees proposing his lady love. Do you want to live that moment once? Here we are with a theme offering the same to you.

prewedding photo shoot

  1. Beach Sets

Samunder ke kinaare’ is the best place to showcase your love. The aroma, the view and the surroundings force two people to fall in love at once. Let’s make that happen for you guys.

pre-wedding photo shoot

Author Bio: Get one such studio who offers all these mesmerizing and even more of these mesmerizing themes to make your pre-wedding photoshoots a fairy-tale come true thing. So all the love-birds still wandering here and there looking for a good pre wedding photoshoots locations studio, your search will end at PhotoRachna. Go now and be ready to pose like a star!!!

So, without waisting another day of your busy schedule hop-in the PhotoRachna studios and ready-steady-Smile.

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