Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Here is a list of crazy ideas you can indulge in when planning your pre-wedding photoshoot

Want a  Prodigious pre wedding photoshoot? follow these 10 commandments guys!!!

Saved the date? Congratulations guys!! We extend the heartiest compliments and wishes to a happy married life. But, before you two take the vows, let Photo Rachna make this time more memorable epitomizing your romance through our aced pre wedding photo shoot for you two.

But before that let us make a proper pre wedding fitness routine for you guys. This will not only give that extra glow to your already beautiful faces but will also make you ‘quick on the uptake’ things. Photo Rachna makes a point that the couple should look the best of themselves on the pre wedding photo shoot.

Even after hiring a professional photographer a professional make-up artist and by hand-picking some of the best outfits, without following a proper pre wedding fitness routine all these people’s hard work will go in vain. Here are the 10 commandments you two should follow for a picture perfect faces on the day of your pre wedding photo shoot with Photo Rachna.

Let’s admit a fact that all the drama during the pre wedding photo shoot is the best phase when you two decide to marry each other. All that excitement to have some best-fitted outfits, a set-up on your favourite location and those make-up routines(Especially when you get a chance to make him do some make-up) are and will be the most cherished moments of you two!!! Just to add another dose of happiness and fun-filled drama Photo Rachna will give you the picture-perfect portrait capturing your Love for each other forever.

Let us start with those 10 commandments for you two to follow :

  1. Have a good night sleep before the morning of your pre wedding shoot.

A piece of advice that Photo Rachna’s photographer will also impart you. This is the most important part of your routine that will bring that extra glow and shine in your portraits. Why this advice irrespective that the make-up can hide anything because maximum pre wedding photoshoots happen in daylight when Sun kisses your beautiful skin. So, in case you had a not-so-good night sleep, your puffed eyes will come in the way of that beautifully designed pre wedding photoshoot routine by Photo Rachna’s creative minds on board.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the week before your Pre wedding photoshoot schedules.

There is no denying of the fact that wedding preparations are way too stressful. Irrespective how many spas and messages one takes during the tenure to keep themselves fresh the stress stays there. But, the couple can’t look stressful on the day of their pre wedding photoshoot. Therefore, it is prescribed to drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits at least a week before your pre wedding photo shoot is scheduled. This will not only shed-off some drabness on the face due to all that stress but will add on some extra vitamins and minerals in your bodies.

  1. Plan the looks for your pre wedding photoshoot

This part of the routine is not only crucial but equally fun and exciting. A pre wedding photo shoot requires a light yet jazzy make-up and a shoot is not a one time shot, there are going to be different locations, different costumes, and different set-ups. So before the pre wedding schedule huddle up with your stylist, photographer, and fiancè and decide your make-up, hairstyles and the complete looks for both of you during the pre wedding photo shoot.

  1. Just be you during the photoshoot!!

Irrespective how many times the photographer would ask you to pose different ways and make certain faces for the camera, we would advise you to be yourself in front of the camera. Let your inner-beauty speak for you two. Let the Love of you two make the portrait for you two. After all, it’s your pre wedding photo shoot, what’s fun of emulating someone else during it.

  1. Gather your whole Caboodle for the pre wedding photoshoot

Different locations, means different outfits, different jewellery, and accessories. Don’t wait a night before to get your required things in order. The excitement and hurry might make you forget some essential pieces of stuff. Better be, make a bag of the required caboodles a week before, so that on the day of your pre wedding photo shoot you can just focus on yourself and would-be spouse.

  1. Carry your own basic make-up kit too.

Yes, the make-up artist will be around you two all the time during the pre wedding photo shoot, but what if you land up in a situation where the make-up artist won’t be carrying the basic stuff or a perfect lip shade or is gone for a quick bite while you require a touch-up. Let us not forget that a bride is a self-made and a make-up artist in itself. To save from any such situations it is adviced that you should carry your own make-up kit too.

  1. Excuse your block heels and those sparkly Stilettos for this day.

Let’s not forget you’ll be on your feet a whole day and even night if the schedule demands so. That’s why to wear your most comfortable shoes on the pre wedding photo shoot day to spare the horror of painful feet.

  1. Carry a lot of water and quick-bites with you.

Having a day out in that scorching afternoon is not a joke. With such a tight schedule of a pre wedding photo shoot to look that glamorous throughout the day, you should carry some dry snacks and loads of water to keep you both fill.

  1. Save the best for the last!

Let’s not forget one thing during this pre wedding photoshoots hullabaloo, that we are still in a country that is not very comfortable with the PDAs. So, save all that snuggling poses, the style poses, soft kisses and hugs for an indoor or a private outdoor location.

  1. Take yourself into a different World.

Having an outdoor pre wedding photo shoot also welcomes the unwanted onlookers that might distract or make you two uncomfortable at times. Our advice to this be, take yourself into the fairy-tale world and imagine being no one around you both, take ou the best emotions for the camera. Trust me, the photographer is eagerly waiting to capture such photos of you two.

Author Bio: Follow these 10 commandments and leave the rest on us. Photo Rachna’s hand-picked team will never ever let their clients down.

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  1. In a month’s time, we have planned for a wedding. Our pre wedding photoshoot is in a week’s time. I was so stressed out. Thank you for your advice and guidance.

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