Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas for Various Types of Couples

Over the period of time, pre-wedding shoot has become a common affair for the couples who are getting hitched. It has obviously brought a boom in the pre-wedding photography industry across India. As a matter of fact, there are so many emotions attached to this kind of shoot. As you get married, life changes a lot. You enter the new phase of life where a bunch of responsibilities are waiting for you. The days you spend before marriage will never come back. So it is best to steal these moments and preserve them in photographs. After all, you can cherish the beautiful memories all through your life.

However, what confuses the couples are the ideas and themes of the pre-wedding shoot. It is understood that the taste of different couples will vary. Keeping this in mind, the below-mentioned ideas have been considered. What is even better about it is that no matter you are in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, or any other part of Delhi-NCR and even the country; you can still use all of these ideas. So check them out!


You are the Foodie types? Wonderful! There are some awesome restaurants in Delhi that are awesome to be caught on photographs. Just land yourself up there and ask your photographer to do the clicking. But make sure the ambience of the restaurant is beguiling; otherwise, it won’t make a major difference.

Do you have Furry Friends?

Include your furry friends in the photoshoot. Yes, they get it that they are being adored. Also, it will make wonderful memories. Your partner and your pet, both are important to you; so, keep them in a single photograph.

You Guys are ‘Friendsaholic’?

Happens, especially when you are away from your family and friends become a vital part of your life. In fact, why not include people who are happy to see you happy. Just give a call to your friends and tell them you want them in the pre-wedding frames. Trust on this; they will be more than glad and you will count even more blessings.

The Sport Lovers

What can be better than adding your favourite sport to your pre-wedding shoot? You are already excited? So plan it on a weekend. Just wear your favourite sportswear and get started with it. You have to believe this; the candid photos in this kind of a situation will do wonders. Let the sportsperson in you wake up and get captured in the pre-wedding photo album. (Wink)

The Bollywood Fans

Yes, we all are the Hero and Heroine of our love story. Why not plan the pre-wedding shoot in a little Bollywood style? The easiest way to do is to hop into a Mustard Field (Sarson ka Khet). Sounds a little dramatic? It will look the same too! So, for one day at least, be the Raj and Simran couple and get clicked in a Mustard Field. You will certainly get broad smiles in your face every single time you see the album. That’s for sure! Yeah, don’t forget to take your Guitar along.

The Comfortable Types

Nothing can beat the comfort of your own home. What do you say about getting your pre-wedding photo shoot done there? Oh yes, everyone around can see the glee in your face right now! Just be in your clothes that you wear at home and do the usual things. But don’t forget to do the cuddling. That’s what you will always recall when you see the photographs later. The best thing about it is that you will not be conscious about your look and if somebody else is watching you during the shoot.

The Poles apart Couples

It is natural to be way different from your partner, and it is wonderful to be in your own skin. You love him/her with all your soul, does not mean you have to adopt his/her passions. Both of you can showcase your passion in the photoshoot. This will even look lovelier as this will show your love for each other, no matter how different you are from one another.

These are some of the pre-wedding shoot ideas that you can pick, depending on your taste. After the shoot is done, you can obviously add some effects into the photographs. However, something that has to be there in all the photographs is the candid shots, because that is what makes the photographs look natural.

So, get started with your pre-wedding photo shoot and get ready to relive these moments all through your life.

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