Pre-wedding Shoot at Home

pre wedding photo shoot Delhi

Weddings are made of sugar and spice and everything nice with a healthy dollop of dreams to top it all; then why limit the fun to the wedding venues only? When you see people getting married and choosing places for their pre-wedding shoot, you may also start dreaming the places in Delhi where you would like to plan your pre-wedding shoot, the dresses you and the would-be will wear, and the photographs that will mark the beginning as you step into the happily ever after. It is true that a lot can be done these days, given the brides and grooms to be are spoilt for choice when it comes to venues and attires. But sometimes when the confusion resulting from of all these choices starts building up, you tend to lose the zeal and get back to all the work you were doing. It happens with all of us; especially those whose weddings are on cards.

Do you want to make it different from all the other photo shoots out there and yet keep it cosy and comfortable? Make your home the perfect pre-wedding destination for an intimate sketch of the life you would like to imagine up before or even after you say “I do”. Yes, you read that right! What can be better than your own home where you can be totally yourself. So, let us see what all would you need to do to make it happen. Here you go:

  • Yayyy! All the Rooms can be Used: Yes all the rooms of your house can be used for the shoot. Include the kitchen as well. For couples, every part of the house can serve as a perfect backdrop for their romantic movie. Go ahead and choose the cosiest nook and corner that can help you live it up for the reel before the real.
  • Wear Anything that You Want: This is not possible when you are shooting outdoors, as the dress has to be chosen as per the ambience. But when you are at home, you should look like you are at home. Just slip into your favourite and the most comfortable Pajamas and let the photographer do magic through his/her lens.
  • Add Non-distracting Decor Pieces: You can add cute cushions, vases and even fairy lights to your decor. But make sure you do not over-do anything. Your decor should be minimal and must not steal the limelight for you. It may even be helpful to borrow from a friend the perfect centrepiece or even decorate the home with flowers.
  • Jump on your Couch: What can be better than lying down on the couch which is one of your favourite areas of the house? In fact, the couch will give a very cosy look to the photograph. Own the space and give some great candid shots as you catch up on some “us-time”
  • A Soft Rug can do So Many Wonders: Yes that’s true! To make the photograph look cosy and clean, keep a white furry rug. It will certainly add a pinch of class to the photograph. Make it perfect with the right lighting and transform your home into a studio.
  • You can do PDA as Much as You Want: PDA is something that is usually not accepted by people when you are out, especially in Delhi. Although India is growing its tolerance as it goes, it is still a long way from having acceptability for anything more than a hug and a kiss, and even that might be frowned upon in many parts of the city. But guys, this is your home, and you can go for it without any worries. So, keep hugging and cuddling and let the photographer click some nice snaps.
  • Share Food with your Bae: Food is love and when you share it with your loved one, it looks simply adorable. The moments captured in photographs of when you are sharing your food with your bae will always remind of the wonderful times that you guys have spent. Liked the idea? Add it to your bucket list.
  • Use the Balcony: You have a balcony at your house? Wonderful! Use it too. Add some greenery to your balcony with plants and beautify it with some masks or wall mounted shelves with decorative pieces on it. Now, all that you need is to be candid. (wink wink)

Now if you think your house can be the best place where you can get the pre wedding shoot done, just go for it.

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