Unique Ideas for Pre-wedding

Looking forward to pre-wedding video shoot? Check some unique theme ideas:

The craze of a pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi and other parts of India is continuing since last few years. Couples undertake pre-wedding photoshoot not only to flaunt their pictures on social media but also to bag cherished memories of their unforgettable courtship period. Shooting a pre-wedding video at photoshoot location in Gurgaon, Delhi, or in a domestic/international travel destination allows the couple to strengthen their bond of love and understand each other better by spending time together. Since the trend of pre-wedding videos is not novel anymore, repetition of the photoshoot set-up and places where videos are shot is likely. However, the couples are always hunting for unique ideas for their special pre-wedding video shoot. Here we have listed a few exceptional ideas for pre-wedding video or photoshoot.

  • Food-themed pre-wedding photoshoot: The idea will click the minds of all the food-loving couples. Relishing their favourite food and shooting amidst the related set-up is a novel idea.
  • Water Lovers: Similar to food lovers, water lovers can enjoy the opportunity to shoot in their most lovable setting i.e. underwater. Since the idea is leaping, you can find many domestic and international pre-wedding photoshoot locations offering wonderful set-up for shooting underwater. Try this new idea as gone are the days of shooting at the beachside. Shooting under artificial rain may also throb your heart but underwater is absolutely a different experience.
  • Vintage photoshoot: The latest idea in the industry is to shoot the pre-wedding videos in a classic set-up which has numerous vintage collections. A combination of an old telephone, gramophone, car, characteristic outfit and other things in black and white will add wonders to your pre-wedding video.
  • First date nostalgia: When you will shoot the pre-wedding video at the location where you met your partner for the first time, it will capture the lucky place and your associated memories forever.
  • Shooting with loved ones: Whether it is your family members or close friends who have been backing you through your thick and thin, why not include them in your pre-wedding video and make them lifelong part of your memories. Pet lovers do not have to be upset about it, they can shoot with their pets too and have numerous wonderful poses in unforgettable and lovable moments with the little one.
  • Miniature pre-wedding shoot: Do you remember childhood stories of Gulliver? Do you want to have a glimpse of his life as a miniature or a gigantic human? It is now possible with the expertise of astute photography professionals who play with graphics to make you mini versions in comparison to props or vice-a-versa. It is a good and unique experience enjoyed by fun-loving couples.
  • Heritage photoshoot: You may not be a king and queen but you are not even less during your wedding, all thanks to your loved ones. Experience the lavish king’s life and queen’s beauty, add a royal touch to your pre-wedding video and spread the charisma of your bonding in your pre-wedding shoot at a heritage location.
  • Snow-way: Try to organize your pre-wedding photoshoot amidst the real snow catching it up at a popular hillside. Throw some snowballs on your partner and get the happy natural moments clicked.

For shooting in either of the different ways mentioned above, one must hire an established pre-wedding studio in Delhi or pre-wedding studio in Gurgaon who can recommend an array of distinguished ideas and exotic locations for shooting pre-wedding videos. Additionally, hiring a popular pre-wedding studio in Delhi will ensure that your final video turns out to be admirable.

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