Top Tips For A Stunning Autumn Wedding

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It goes without saying that autumn is possibly one of the most beautiful times of year to host a wedding. The changing leaves and array of colours make for a breathtaking backdrop, while the crisp chill in the air will promise a spectacular, cosy day.

By incorporating the stunning colours of Autumn into your wedding day, whether from the photographs to the colours featured within your bouquet, you can add some Autumn charm to your big day. Capitalising on the detail of the season and sewing some Fall features into your big day, when it comes to creating a spectacular Autumn Wedding, the key is to be creative.

If an autumn wedding is something that sounds just about perfect to you, then we are here to help. Offering some of the simplest but best tips and ideas to make your wedding day scream Autumn. Feel free to take inspiration from anything suggested to create the ultimate Autumn wedding that you can remember for years to come.

Think About The Location

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Autumn is an extremely rustic season and this can be projected across the locations chosen for the big day- particularly for those wanting the season to be a prominent feature on the wedding day.

The best advice to be suggested for those choosing a wedding venue and that would be to focus on a venue surrounded by woodland. With Autumn shining bright in woodlands and forest, there is something magical about marrying surrounded by acres of leaves, layered onto the ground, while the dew-covered grass will sparkle in any snapshot.

For those wanting a warm Autumn wedding, then grand halls, country houses and barns are the ideal settings for your Fall event.

Take The Weather Into Account
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We all can agree that the weather in Autumn can be very temperamental and unpredictable. When it comes to planning a stunning Autumn wedding, then taking into account the weather is key. With cold, clean and crisp Autumnal weather the most desired, we recommend taking precautions for the risk of rain.

By planning your arrival in and out of the car at the venue, to the marquee that you choose, just in case the heavens were to decide to open, spoiling your big day. Adding floor mats to your venue, wouldn’t be of any harm either, as these can allow guests to wipe their shoes before entering the venue to avoid any slips and accidents on the damp floor.

autumn wedding transportation

Plan transport ahead of time to secure your transport of choice. Whether a rustic, vintage car or an open-top convertible, we recommend planning for the colder weather.

Although arriving at your Wedding in a convertible would look beautiful, for those travelling long distances, there is a risk of arriving at the venue frozen and damp. For those wanting to remain warm, a classic Rolls Royce or Beauford, is a sure way to remain dry, warm, while arriving at the wedding venue safely.

The Bride

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A slightly chillier time of the year, when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, a dress that can provide a little more warmth is an option that should not be looked down upon. A practical option for the Autumn season, by choosing a dress with sleeves is not only handy, but can also add elegance to your outfit for added drama.

With sleeves, layered with applique or organza will look superb and the perfect complementary piece to the autumnal backdrop. Outerwear similarly is very popular when paired with a wedding gown. Boleros or Pashminas are the perfect accessory and will look fantastic with any style of wedding dress.


The Groom

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There are many more outfit options for Grooms now than there has ever been in the past.

For an Autumn wedding, the perfect material for a suit would be either wool or tweed, for both warmth and a rich look. It is also recommended that you stick to darker tones, such as dark green or burgundy, for those wanting to be slightly more daring. This can be the perfect addition, creating a rustic Autumnal look, and will portray the season’s beauty.

The Wedding Party

autumn wedding bridesmaid color themeLikewise with the couple to soon be wedded, the bridesmaids and groomsmen should also have features of Autumn added onto their wedding wear.

Having the men in wool or tweed of a dark shade, pocket handkerchiefs and plaid socks will be sure to create a collection of rather handsome men. While Bridesmaids would look smart in darker shades of dresses such as burgundy or purples, paired with a cape or bolero as a classy layer of warmth.

Wedding Flowers

autumn wedding bouquet flowersThere can be quite a bit of difficulty when it comes to choosing flowers for a wedding in autumn. This is because, at this time of year, flowers are typically not in bloom. But there are ways around this!

We may not see the flowers outside, however, there will be florists with them at hand, so starting early and ordering a bouquet in advance is most recommended.

Stick to the darker tones, like burgundy, green, orange and reds, to capture the season and create drama, helping to stand out against the white of the bride’s gown.

For those brides struggling to find the Autumn bouquet of their dreams, then fake floristry could be an option. Looking as beautiful and as real, your bouquet should slide comfortably into the decor and theme of your fall wedding.

Creative Photography

wedding couple lying with autumn leaves

If you have been blessed with a backdrop scattered with autumnal foliage, then be sure to capture this in your images for a perfect filter.

By using the setting of your wedding venue to your advantage, we recommend using trees and branches as props, lying within a mountain of ombre Autumn leaves.

The Meal

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With the weather crisp and with a slight chill in the air, I am sure the guests will think of nothing better than to enjoy a warm, comforting plate of food. With the use of pumpkin, spices and sweet tones, add some flavour to your wedding menu.

By pairing roasted vegetables, alongside crispy potatoes and melt in the mouth meat, keep the stomachs of guest full with a hearty feast to enjoy while the sun sets in the distant.

The Wedding Entertainment
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With a season as spectacular and stunning as Autumn, we recommend finding a form of entertainment to warm and cheer guests. Use the stunning scenery to your advantage, and hire a stunning vintage wedding band to serenade the guests as the sun goes down.

A band of this form will be sure to create an atmosphere like no other for the wedding reception. Pairing its sounds perfectly will the chilling air outside, warming any room. A vintage wedding band can spark nostalgia while performing the songs that they associate with their childhoods, allowing them to reminisce of the amazing memories from the past.


If you for one are planning a spectacular Autumn Wedding, then you are in for an exciting time. With the beauty of the season at an all-time high, consider incorporating the charming colours and tones that co-inside with Autumn for a truly magical day. For those unsure where to begin, we recommend falling our guide, allowing you to fully plan and begin preparing a magical Autumn Wedding to remember. With everything taken into consideration from the venue, transport to the menu, fall is a fantastic time to get married.

By remaining creative and cosy full of soothing colours and flavoursome dishes to savour over, have a fantastic Autumn Wedding no matter your preference.

Have you organised an Autumn Wedding? Perhaps you too have some top tips that you would love to share with us, so feel free to get in contact and comment at the bottom of the blog.

Author Bio: Sydney Tierney; just recently finished her studies; is working her way into the world of content writing as a digital marketing assistant. She writes for clients that specialise in gorgeous chairs and furnishings decor, all the way to Wedding Bands!

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