Lodhi Art District: The Best Option for The Couples Looking for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

As the trend of Prewedding Photoshoot is increasing day by day, the requirement of an attractive destination for this is also increasing. Thanks to some of the recent Bollywood wedding, people want to get photoshoot exactly in the Bollywood style. If you are living in Delhi, there are very less place which is suitable as the pre-wedding photoshoot destinations. But as the support for creativity is increasing in India, there is a new place evolved for these events Called Lodhi Art District.

This awesome place is the contribution of four creative Indian and foreign painters. They fully converted Delhi’s Lodhi Colony into a place which is good to take selfies and spent our free moments. There are different graffiti, painter vehicles and many other colourful things which makes this place good for taking pictures. As time is passing by, this place is collecting great recognition in Delhi and many other parts of the country. Besides of selfies and hanging out with friends, this place is getting very much popular for Prewedding photoshoot Delhi. There are many different things which are helpful for making your prewedding photoshoot memorable and charming.

Graffiti is Everywhere

The Indian styled cultural graffiti given to the walls makes this place awesome. You can see different designs and paintings of the things which are commonly familiar to an Indian. But the painters have done a creative job by using vivid colours for these paintings. Once you are inside this place, you will feel like colourful heaven.

Looks like a place made for couples

Everyone is allowed at this place but the themes chosen for the drawing and graffiti suits best for couples pictures. Various colourful walls help the photographers to take the shots from any angle. The resulting albums are always satisfying here. So, instead of posing in the gardens and around the ancient forts and temples, Delhi couples are preferring this place as their photoshoot location. Lodhi art district consists of different colourful walls which will suit your taste and styles.

Everything is yours

the most important thing about this place is that you need no permissions from anyone to do your photo shoot. Also, the place is open for everyone 24/7. There is no restriction of time also. You can come here to get Fresh Morning picture or classic Evening Sunset poses. You can do whatever you want here. The management has made this to observe and capture the beauty of this place and the talent of the painters. Unlike other famous public places, there is no management team from which you have to grant permission for your photoshoots. Neither there is any guard who will stop you to use any section of the area. This thing made this place wonderful for every type of pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots too.

The people who did their photoshoots are highly satisfied with the results. This is because the place is designed in such a way that it can match everyone’s taste. Advanced graffiti designs with their traditional touch make the walls as beautiful as possible. Also, you do not have to pay anything for doing your photoshoots. The only thing you need is a skilled photographer and good poses. Everything remained will be handled by the background wallpapers. You must be ready with dresses described to you by the photographer.

If you have all the arrangements done before the photo shoot, you are ready to get the most memorable results from this. The photoshoot done in Lodhi Art district looks so full of life and colourful. Everything is captivating here including the walls and buildings. The place is popular because of its beauty managed by outgiving management. You just have to hire a photoshoot from a good photoshoot agency like Photorachna. You can see Photorachna’s previous photoshoots done in this place. You will definitely like the results received from this place in the forms of photos and videos. Also, you are free to get everything done in a huge time limit without the disturbance of anyone.

Author Bio: The photographers for Prewedding photoshoot Gurgaon are also aware of this place and lots of outsider couples also come here.

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