How to Spice up Your Wedding Photos

How important are wedding photos? Well, the answer to this question depends on your personal perception. Nevertheless, wedding photography is the greatest investment you can ever make in your wedding day. Why do I say this? Well, there are so many reasons for illustrating the significance of wedding photos. For instance, do you think it will be possible for you to capture everything that happens on that big day? It is very difficult to see everything because you are going to be very busy, if not engaging guests and coordinating events, then paying attention to the ceremony.

But then there are so important things that you just cannot miss completely even if you are committed. Why should you miss the family reaction when you first kiss the bride?  What about that beautiful smile in the eyes of mum and dad when you are pronounced husband and wife, or when you make those marriage vows? Wedding photos can help you in this regard. And by the way, marriage is an institution with its own tribulations. Maybe you are wondering what I mean here. You may have heard a lot of stories ending with such words as “… and they got married and lived happily thereafter.” Such stories make you feel m

Marriage is the source of true happiness. However, it is an institution made of imperfect people and problems will often be experienced. One thing that helps us so much when problems come our way is our album. We look at those photos while making marriage vows, promising to stick to one another come rain come sunshine and are motivated to put up with one another. So then, if it is this important, then you need to spice them as much as you can. Let us then shift our attention to why it is important and how you can spice up your wedding photos.

Spice Up Your Wedding Photos

Aim at making your wedding the most memorable occasion your guests are going to witness in the whole year. You know it can be very tricky to pose differently throughout the day. During the peak, it is possible to get yourself in the very same situation and posing in the very same way before the reception, during the reception and afterwards. Use the following creative tips to have some hilarious photos throughout the event.

  •    Have your personal props. Do not rely on the photographer’s props. Your personal props can add value to your wedding photos. The photographer can guide you on how to integrate them. The photos will be more fun and customized.
  •    Calm and have fun. It is quite easy to see the nervousness in a snap even if you are smiling. To avoid becoming nervous, have deep breaths and think positively. To be more relaxed, take time and cultivate a good relationship with your photographer.
  •    Use Instagram frames. Instagram is one of the friendliest places to visit for all your photos in social media. It will be very hilarious to have a large frame designed like an Instagram post. Under the frame, make sure you are writing the most appropriate hashtag. Everyone will love such a frame.
  •    Witty signboards. Boards with some humorous phrases are very common in weddings today. With such signboards, the couples have that opportunity to show their funny side. It is not only for the couples, but even guests can also be clicked in the backdrops with their good laughs. You are at liberty to pass the message of your choice here. To strike some good memories, you can take some funny snaps with signboards such as “save the day” among others. This will make the day very memorable.
  •    Paint the Rickshaws. Painting a rickshaw with distinct bright colours with different flowers for decoration is one of the most appropriate ways of spicing up your wedding photos. You will have a very gorgeous prop as well as a decorative installation at the setting. The two of you can climb the rickshaw and as the people cheer, very cool and fantastic photos can be taken. The site actually is very admirable to the guests.
  •    Use Quirky Accessories. Aim at making everything quite unique. Use a wide range of quirky accessories. These may include sunglasses and attractive hats. It will be very interesting to have your mom wearing a very sparkly hat and standing between the two of you for an outstanding snap. Be creative enough in order to have a unique experience you will live to remember. Many couples have benefited from the help of wedding cinematographers such as Evengo who design very hilarious cinematic video when all the parties are posing wearing these fun props. This will actually be good for you.

Wedding photography only happens once in a lifetime. For this reason, you must just nail it. You need to work on becoming the preeminent version of yourself. Do what it takes to deter nervousness and ensure the photos are of the highest quality possible. It is also important for you to spice up things and make the best memories of the big day. Am so sure no one wants a very boring photoshoot. In this case, a pre-wedding photoshoot can of great help. It also happens once but can help you get the best during the big day. So then let us briefly discuss how you can spice up your pre-wedding photos. These are simple things you can do to add drama and spice up the photoshoot.

  •    Focus on your theme. Do you remember where you first met? That is the best way to start planning for the theme. A good plan of the things you want to do significantly affect other things that must appear in the photos.
  •    Be yourself. It is normal for individuals to feel awkward. Again, have a deep breath and direct your thoughts away from the things that make you feel awkward. For instance, you can have fun with your partner as the photographer shoots.


There are so many ideas that you can use to spice up your wedding photos. This blog has shared some of them. Try using them and your day will be successful. Though the photographer will direct on how to pose, there are cases when you will have to do that yourself. Prepare yourself in advance. The photos you will take will have a lasting influence in your life as married couples in different ways as we discussed at the outset. Your children will be very glad to see you and other people in your albums. Be determined to spice up those photos.

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