5 Super-Cute Movie Poses For Your Pre Wedding

Your long anticipated pre-wedding shoot is just around the corner and you’re all done with the preparations, from selecting the theme to getting your outfits finalized. But how about the poses that you are going to make for the shoot?

This is the most overlooked part when it comes to a pre-wedding shoot, but this is one of the most important things that a couple needs to prepare for as these poses will either make or break your shoot. Only visualizing the poses that you are going to make is not enough, you need to practice them as well before the shoot. So you don’t feel awkward while making them in front of the camera.

Here are 5 super cute movie poses from our handpicked list of pre-wedding poses to inspire you as you prepare for your pre-wedding shoot.

Gerua Inspired Rose Petal Shower

The rose petals shower into any pre-wedding shoot will make it super romantic, Bollywood and extra cute for your photo! This pose looks best when done in a boat but you can do it wherever you want, IF done in a public place this will not only make you go romantic but will also make people around you go Awwwwww. Plus you will also get to extend your arms just like SRK.
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The stolen kiss

If you are too shy to kiss on cam this is the pose for you. No, I am not talking about kissing behind the umbrella or flower, which would be lame. Just sit on a park bench and find some kids. Make them close their eyes when you kiss behind a balloon and the shot will be perfect and funny.

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The Shadow Dance Shot

If you are a Bollywood lover then this shot is a must to have in your pre-wedding shoot. The bride spinning with the groom in light is a normal shot, what makes it special is the background light making the couple go dark and make them look like the shadows. Also, this is one of our favourite shots as well. 

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The classic Dupatta Shot

This shot is in trend from the 90s and is one of the favourites for the Bollywood directors as well. Making the dupatta fly with the help of the fan, makes it look romantic for a pre-wedding shoot.  Do you remember the movie Veer-Zara? Well, this shot made the movie go to the next level and if you need some Bollywood romance in your pre-wedding shoot, this scene is worth putting in.

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The Swing Shot

What could be more romantic than the guy pushing the girl on the swing and that too in the middle of Khet (fields)? This is a must-have romantic and Bollywood shot that will complete your love story and will add the Classy + Desi effect to your shoot as well.

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Do you have more poses in mind that you think can be super cute when it comes to pre-wedding shoot? Let’s know in the comments below.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Simar Singh. He is the founder of wedding knob, and a digital marketing enthusiast working with multiple wedding photographers in Chandigarh.

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