Getting The Perfect Engagement Photography Session In Cartagena. How To Plan It?

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Cartagena has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, gastronomy, and entertainment, making it a fantastic place to visit and plan an engagement photoshoot. Cartagena is a real-life romance tale, with bougainvillea-draped Spanish colonial buildings and salsa music filling the air. It’s hard not to feel romantic, right?

Getting engaged is a glorious personal landmark in anyone’s life. And after your engagement, you’ll want to capture your joy and pre-wedding bliss with the help of a brilliant Cartagena engagement session photographer. Many couples who only have a wedding photoshoot but not one to commemorate their engagement usually regret it later. The first time you formalize your ‘togetherness’ deserves its own moment in photos. And you can use your engagement photos throughout your wedding planning. They are great to use on your wedding website, save-the-date cards, engagement party, and social media.

Here are some reasons why engagement shooting in Cartagena is for you!

Cartagena- A Utopian Engagement Destination

Life and love are a journey, right? So, why not embark on this next phase in your life with an adventure? If you’re traveling to and vacationing in Cartagena, why not take advantage of the incredible scenery for your engagement photos? If you want an engagement photo session that is different from the norm and photos that are worthy of going viral, Cartagena is the perfect place to get them. From the most incredible sunsets to gorgeous doorways, vibrantly coloured colonial buildings, and amazing weather there are photo opportunities at every turn.

Experiencing the world together through travel ignites your spirit, makes time for dreams to develop, and allows you to relax. So, it is the best time for engagement shooting in Cartagena. And let’s face it, wedding planning can be challenging, so a vacation before it all starts is a great idea.

With Cartagena’s perfect engagement session photographer, your images will be unforgettable. Here’s why Cartagena, Colombia is one of the most beautiful and striking locations to immortalize post-engagement moments.

Romance Fills The Air

Cartagena is a remarkably romantic and dreamy location with mid-15th and 17th Century architecture. It includes the San Felipe de Barajas Castle, salt flats, mud bath volcano, boat rides, museums, and an abundance of street food. So, if you are looking for a pre-honeymoon spot, you’re in luck! You and your fiancé can enjoy an enjoyable weekend away while getting your engagement shooting in Cartagena done.

Stellar Backdrops

There is definitely no shortage of the number of locations that make stellar backdrops for gorgeous engagement photos. Even if you simply take a few shots in the fantastic cobblestone streets of Cartagena with their colourful doors and buildings, you’ll have many Instagram-worthy shots to share.

The Weather

Cartagena allows you to wear more casual and flirty attire and lighter fabrics because of the weather. Imagine your hair blowing in the wind with a magnificent waterfront as a backdrop! Having your engagement photoshoot in Cartagena lets you be as creative as you want with accessories, poses, and backdrops, and you can really make the location your own.

Cartagena – The Perfect Engagement Photoshoot Location
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Why You Need An Engagement Photoshoot

An engagement photoshoot, especially a destination one, can seem luxurious, especially since you have a wedding to plan. However, investing in a stunning photoshoot is worth it for your years ahead as a married couple because it shows you are committed, adventurous, fun-loving. And it gives you a different destination to work with that is separate from your wedding venue.

Not only are post-engagement pictures memorable they are also handy as you can use them for your RSVP pages, invitations, on banners and party favours, and even as décor at your wedding! Framed pictures that have been professionally taken and edited can look stunning as wedding décor, whether as table centrepieces, wall art, or public display.

Planning An Engagement Photoshoot In Cartagena

Cartagena is like the location for a historical adventure novel with its colonial architecture with Spanish influences, its hiking trails, and gorgeous sunsets. However, if you’re planning a fulfilling trip, you need to research some logistics so that the shoot goes smoothly without any hiccups.

  • When making your bookings decide on the best accommodation, consider factors like budget, scenery, extra perks, or proximity to a natural wonder that you love. There are mid-range and pricey hotels in Cartagena and apartments and houses for short-term rentals. You can rent a house with high-rise ceilings, balconies, lush gardens, and historical architectural touches like wood detailing and traditional furniture with a slightly higher budget. In addition, the house itself can offer many formal couple portrait backdrops if you are interested in those for your engagement photo shoot! Talk to your engagement session photographer in Cartagena to select the best settings for your shoot.
  • If you have decided on extra décor elements for your photoshoot, such as flowers, make sure you have confirmed your delivery date before you fly.
  • Use a travel guide to Cartagena’s best spots to utilize every moment of your weekend there. Take a week off after getting engaged, if you can, to celebrate properly! Your Cartagena engagement photographer can snap incredible photos in the rainbow-colored street or outside a 400-year-old cathedral. An instant camera or selfie can be memorable too!
  • All jokes aside, a professional photographer can change the whole game. If you have hired a Cartagena destination photographer, make sure you have discussed the extent of the expenses, including their accommodation.

Some Spectacular Spots To Capture Your love In Cartagena.

Here is a selection of whimsical and dreamy spots to get the best engagement photos in Cartagena.

Abaco Libros Y Café

Outside the Abaco Libros Y Café is a tourist favourite; just make sure you arrive at a time with little traffic on the street.

The Colourful Streets In Cartagena

In Cartagena, Calle 37 and other alleys are brimming with culture, colour, and authenticity. Perfect for an engagement photoshoot. Cartagena is a photographer’s dream because it is filled with so many vibrant colours. There are tons of streets and alleys that are an explosion of colours providing a unique and breath-taking backdrop for Cartagena engagement photos.

Calle San Andres

Calle San Andres is an artist’s spot with a park nearby and a street filled with paintings and stunning banners.

Plaza De Trinidad, Gets Amani

Plaza De Trinidad, Gets Amani is a gorgeous historic neighbourhood with the most vibrant buildings and an abundance of murals. It makes for a stellar backdrop!

Gorgeous Doorways In Cartagena

Whilst wandering around the Old Town, it won’t take long to realize that Cartagena is the “city of beautiful doors”. You might be wondering, how gorgeous can a door really be? As it turns out: VERY! Cartagena’s old town’s bright and colourful doors brilliantly embody the city’s liveliness and tell a story of its long history making them perfect for unforgettable engagement photos.

Your wedding images will undoubtedly be treasured, but many couples believe their engagement photos are a more genuine expression of themselves. Engagement photos catch you in a more natural setting, spending time with your significant other. You’ll also have complete creative control over the venue, attire, and general style that best represents you as a pair. So, whether you shoot photos in your favourite city, a new destination, or on your couch at home, you’ll have a collection of your favourite experiences.

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